Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thom Garzone


Cries out to me addressed in a cache for the teacher I was,
or wasn't. I hasten to an academic metamorphosis when the year
dubs me knight for my bravery. Then I stride
about Boise soliciting information for insurance companies,
exchanging self-esteem for wages. Abberant beings
emerge functioning despite time's actions.
I mount precipices engulfed in fowl and foilage
and a voice answers my cry.
As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 comes
I prostrate my soul to the universe
of economic abyss and a region of my senses.

Tim Tipton

Numbers to Remember

There are numbers that Americans should remember:
There are 654,965 casualties of the Iraq war
4.7 million refugees from Iraq
$200 billion in hundreds of banks have been bailed out,
tens of millions in the US will file bankruptcy
than have acquired a college degree, retired, or have died of cancer
400 in the 1% vs. 150, 000, 000 in the 99%
The US government spent 1 trillion on the drug war
Republicans have passed 44 bills on abortion,
99 on religion, 46 on gun control, and
Zero on job creation.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sean Hill

One car broke down
Two second thoughts to enter this contest
Three relatives I live with relativity
Four deep breaths cleanse as I write this
Five weddings I will have went to celebrate companionship
Six regrets I let get the best when 6 is 6 too much
Seven times I've cried and let the in outside
Eight times I figured 8 to understand 7 and 9 better
Nine times 9 lives get lived in one in one day
Ten illusions we live like past mistakes don't make presents
Eleven months later one wonders whether this year was truly here

Tony Peyser

White Supremacists & Immigrant Rights
Activists Face Off In Claremont

The National Socialist Movement
is a name that took some
However, even in 2011, the word “socialist” still seems
more acceptable than

But such public events often have
swastikas as seen in history
which proves hiding who you really are is trickier than it

Ivan Dryer


A preacher tried to end the world
Twice in this year of 2011,
But as he did before, he failed,
And so we missed his train to Heaven.
Meanwhile, as over debt we fret,
Ignoring rising seas and storms,
Icecaps melting, drought and flood,
Foretelling famine, want and wars,
Does ending need an Act of God,
Or might we do the deed ourselves--
And per the Maya in 2012?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dori Marler


police hurl tear gas bombs, the people occupy
sheriff deputies stack possessions on the curb
nail the notice on the door, the woman weeps
the shelter is full, no beds tonight
friends huddle together for warmth
the vet waits in line on his crutches,
the VA hospital is packed
let me sleep 10 minutes, let me sleep 15 minutes longer
let me sleep till it’s over
please let me sleep
it’s not my problem

Wanda VanHoy Smith


Life has always been a roll of the dice
but back in 2007 no one knew that 2011
would be such a crap shoot.
Baby needs a new pair of shoes but
Dad lost his high paying job and God knows he's tried.
A manager at a Seven Eleven where he applied
tells him he's overqualified.
Had he known back in 8, 9 and 10 when he made good pay
he would have saved up for a rainy day.
He hopes a triple eleven will change his luck
and in 2012 he'll make a buck driving a truck.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jessica Wilson

Marriages Last Forever

“Marriages last forever”, or so the bejeweled sparkler shouts.

Diamond dust of fairy tales, fantasy sprinkled on the shoulders of palm trees.

There’s the credo in her hands; sticky seals over government tape.
Little red kisses dotting the I’s, and a spritz of pre-love perfume.

“It’s real! It’s real” she cries,
waving over her HuntMen, leggy sisters, and salvation army.

“Oh when will you stop with your fairytales, darling.
You’re no Princess, just another rich girl from the Golden State.
Put your dollies away”, mother calls, charming the rest.

Love is no price to pay…
or is it “you can’t put a price on love”? Nevertheless, never the less.

Jessica Wilson

Annihilation of Education

“Indiscriminate”, it claims as it sweeps its hand across the halls.
The children of higher education plummet from high-standing lecture seating,
rolling, rolling past chalkboards, projectiles, and blistered thumbprints of an instructor who is trying not to let go.

Then the floorboards split and the students tumble through.
A lesson in physics, or another Dream Act, being nailed to the splintered door.
Tears in confidence brim the gasps of the student body, witnessing the last attempts
of a committed professor to warn the students, motioning the projectile onto the flimsy paper, wavering away, as the floor slips.

Instructor cuts; blood rimming the chamber below lecture halls, dead dreams of students, instructors, higher education to be placed below eye socket; below sight or mind of the government.

Maria Arana

Witness 2011’s Massacre

Flooded coasts
Burning fire
Mind bending quakes
Slaughtered bodies without marked graves
Decapitated heads and spilled guts
Blood-formed clouds of ancient teachings ignored
Killing babies, dogs, and cats
More money where less is needed
Media enhancements and lies
Technological brain makes us less human
Where once a world thrived, now a divide

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jim Babwe

One One

not peaceful
or wise

no more mystical
than your neighbors

you are offhand and conceited

maybe it's the resemblance to I

maybe inflated pride grows from your status
as the first two-digit prime

well whoop-de-doo

like the rest of us you are just a number

Version 2 of Sample Poem by Moi


Someone attempts to assassinate an Arizona congresswoman in a line
The Green Bay Packers become NFL champions for the 13th time

The federal budget gets extended twice beyond a date
The President releases his long form birth certificate

A Wisconsin judge voids a fresh law curbing collective bargaining
New York allows same sex marriage partnering

Casey Anthony is found not guilty of murder
Standard & Poor lowers the US credit rating hurdle

A new jobs plan is proposed by the Prez
People occupy Wall Street and hundreds of cities

But the fact I got married again surpasses all of these