Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tim Tipton

Numbers to Remember

There are numbers that Americans should remember:
There are 654,965 casualties of the Iraq war
4.7 million refugees from Iraq
$200 billion in hundreds of banks have been bailed out,
tens of millions in the US will file bankruptcy
than have acquired a college degree, retired, or have died of cancer
400 in the 1% vs. 150, 000, 000 in the 99%
The US government spent 1 trillion on the drug war
Republicans have passed 44 bills on abortion,
99 on religion, 46 on gun control, and
Zero on job creation.


  1. from Maria Arana:

    Too many numbers to remember! But the last one on "zero job creation" hits a personal note for me.

  2. from Don Kingfisher Campbell:


  3. Such sad numbers. Yes, too many to remember, except those who have been hit by each one. This poem shows the misdirected priorities of this country.

  4. I like this list poem. It balances a story with a history, bringing up the author's rage without saying so. I like the specificity of the line about college degrees and cancer. There could have been more of that in order to see the impact on real people.

  5. I love the way this poem flows begins with what is known and ends with it's root causes. It made want to read more.

  6. Love the cadence and intensity of this piece. Really registers in both the analytical and emotive aspects of our understanding.

    Btw, the last line, not entirely, media/govt/lobbyists/pundits/lawyers have had plenty of job creation even in the midst of the times. Still, point well taken.

  7. I find myself wanting to dispute the numbers.

  8. from Thaine Allison Jr.:

    Casualties speak of frustration-anger-rage
    relatives live with loneliness desperation and pain
    guilt and shame expressed for our system of legislation
    hate of frivolous legislation and lack of progress