Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jessica Wilson

Annihilation of Education

“Indiscriminate”, it claims as it sweeps its hand across the halls.
The children of higher education plummet from high-standing lecture seating,
rolling, rolling past chalkboards, projectiles, and blistered thumbprints of an instructor who is trying not to let go.

Then the floorboards split and the students tumble through.
A lesson in physics, or another Dream Act, being nailed to the splintered door.
Tears in confidence brim the gasps of the student body, witnessing the last attempts
of a committed professor to warn the students, motioning the projectile onto the flimsy paper, wavering away, as the floor slips.

Instructor cuts; blood rimming the chamber below lecture halls, dead dreams of students, instructors, higher education to be placed below eye socket; below sight or mind of the government.


  1. from Maria Arana:

    This poem hits the spot. So many promises and, yet, education is cut. I know how it feels to be cut and leaving students behind. Very sad.

  2. Looking forward to this collection best of luck :)

  3. This describes how I feel...

  4. from Don Kingfisher Campbell:

    Like a horror film, only too real.

  5. Ouch! The sad reality of education. Hits where it should, but will the government listen to the cries of students and instructors. NOT... This poem might be tied for first, maybe...

  6. Very interesting poem. It is metaphorically speaking about the state of education, how it is collapsing. It is showing the students metaphorically falling through the floor and ties it into physics and acts of congresses. Very good. However, some of the controlling metaphor gets a little opaque for me.

  7. from Thaine Allison Jr.:

    frustration anger rage dominate the love for education guilt shame ask for redress of wrongs by those in power fear of the future leads to desperation and pain we as a society are short sighted and selfish of our own desires