Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jessica Wilson

Marriages Last Forever

“Marriages last forever”, or so the bejeweled sparkler shouts.

Diamond dust of fairy tales, fantasy sprinkled on the shoulders of palm trees.

There’s the credo in her hands; sticky seals over government tape.
Little red kisses dotting the I’s, and a spritz of pre-love perfume.

“It’s real! It’s real” she cries,
waving over her HuntMen, leggy sisters, and salvation army.

“Oh when will you stop with your fairytales, darling.
You’re no Princess, just another rich girl from the Golden State.
Put your dollies away”, mother calls, charming the rest.

Love is no price to pay…
or is it “you can’t put a price on love”? Nevertheless, never the less.


  1. from Maria Arana:

    Divorces have become the norm in our society and most celebreties run the gammot.

  2. from Don Kingfisher Campbell:

    Why do I think of Kim Kardashian when I read this?

  3. Divorces are too common now. Some have multiple marriages, while others die in their hearts waiting for "the one." Has divorce just become the easy way out when things get tough? Ok, maybe I don't understand this poem, since I've never been "there." Dunno.

  4. There is an interesting thread through this poem, the topic of love and what it means as a women grows up and faces it head on. But what is happening and being said is opaque to me. I sense the irony and the fact that marriage doesn't last forever, but I need a little more grounding.

  5. Here's what I like about this one: I hear your voice and I think I know who wrote it.

  6. "Love is no price to pay". Well said!

    Nevertheless :)

  7. from Thaine Allison Jr.:

    marriages speak of love and desire but often encapsulate hate, fear-inferiority, desire, ambition, frustration, anger, jealousy and rage, followed by guilt, shame, loneliness, desperation and pain a full measure of all the feelings of human kind and not so kind