Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dori Marler


police hurl tear gas bombs, the people occupy
sheriff deputies stack possessions on the curb
nail the notice on the door, the woman weeps
the shelter is full, no beds tonight
friends huddle together for warmth
the vet waits in line on his crutches,
the VA hospital is packed
let me sleep 10 minutes, let me sleep 15 minutes longer
let me sleep till it’s over
please let me sleep
it’s not my problem


  1. from Maria Arana:

    So many things going on in our world, it's so easy to become self-absorbed and hope someone else takes the blame or does something about it. It's sad.

  2. from Don Kingfisher Campbell:

    Hell in a handbasket.

  3. The revolution is here now, but so many still fall between the cracks. Who is there to care for them? The words in this poem sum it up succinctly.
    So much sadness in this country today - who will hear the voices of those in need? Excellent poem!

  4. This poem really conveys the issues, does it well, and clearly and with specific language. I love how it shifts from the reporting voice to a very specific person. It's great.

  5. This poem illustrates a sentiment that so very many of us live with, accept, and abide by and willingly submit, that is not to see what is, and not to strive to change any of it.

    Written very intensely, especially the last four lines. Wow.

  6. I'm interested in a first-person version.

  7. from Vicky Marler:

    This poem depicts the real truth about the world and the people who live in it. Stirs the emotions.

  8. from Thaine Allison Jr.:

    hate frustration loneliness anger rage
    all are present here desperation pain
    this is a poem of crying out for someone to listen to the silent calls for help

  9. Martin Luther King said: "An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law." This, of course, is the antipathy of apathy. MLK would love Dori's poem.