Monday, November 7, 2011

Ivan Dryer


A preacher tried to end the world
Twice in this year of 2011,
But as he did before, he failed,
And so we missed his train to Heaven.
Meanwhile, as over debt we fret,
Ignoring rising seas and storms,
Icecaps melting, drought and flood,
Foretelling famine, want and wars,
Does ending need an Act of God,
Or might we do the deed ourselves--
And per the Maya in 2012?


  1. from Maria Arana:

    Sometimes I feel that it is WE who are ending the world not in accordance to God's intentions. This poem dealt with that issue very well.

  2. from Don Kingfisher Campbell:

    Succinct and solid argument.

  3. Great argument. The world doesn't need natural disasters to destroy it, humans are doing a good enough job of destroying it themselves, plus wiping out the human race, and all other living things on this planet. I like this poem so much!

  4. I like the title and how and the poem play with warning/warming. I like the way it starts with a focus on the preacher and then the lens pulls back to the bigger issue. I like the question. I would have preferred it to not just be an abstract list of problems.

  5. Man as would be the world's Creator is only the Destroyer of all that would be Man's world.

    A very powerful and rhetorical piece. Loved the structure this very telling poetic tale unfolded in.

  6. There's an easy answer to the question posed by this piece. It'll depend upon the insurance carrier and the levels of coverage.

  7. from Thaine Allison Jr.:

    Fear-inferiority desperation-pain begin early
    love of earth permeated by frustration anger and rage all dominate this poem